Well, this is what happens when I am all written-out.

This week I wrote an anthology contribution piece (details in a few weeks), contributed a syndicated piece to BlogHer called Couples Who Make You Want to Puke (a different version than the post on Road to Joy), edited novel #2 (Going for Kona), worked on novel #3 (Conceding Grace), and posted the oh-so-much-fun Froggy Series.

I thought some of you would enjoy seeing the BlogHer impact on Road to Joy.  BlogHer gets about 25 million visitors a month; they totally rock as a content provider and as a platform for up and coming female writers.  They even paid me.  Shhh, don’t tell them I’d have done it for free.  Anyway, my blog Road to Joy gets about 3,000 views a month.  As you can see, I’m nipping on their heels.  Ha.

Here’s how my post is doing on BlogHer after six days, as of 5:00 p.m. CST today (3/27/11) :  #1 under Love & Sex, and, although you can’t see it on the screen, it’s #3 on “What’s Hot on BlogHer”. I’m THRILLED.   I had really feared it would bomb.  Since I know my mom and husband couldn’t have clicked 7,336 times all by themselves, that tells me a) that my readers came out in force, thank you! and b) a few “real” people actually it, real as in “new to me”.  😉

7,336 views! For me, that's enormous exposure.

Meanwhile, the impact on Road to Joy?  HUGE.  I got as many hits in one week as during my current average month.  About 10% of the referral hits from the BlogHer post were “quality” hits: browsers who hung out and clicked multiple posts for 15 minutes or more.  The BlogHer click-through’s to Road to Joy resulted in an upward tick in RSS and Email subscribers, twitter followers, and Facebook fans.  ** For newer subscribers and readers, I should tell you this:  I started Road to Joy one year ago, to promote my writing while I search for an agent to represent me for my women’s fiction novels.  At that time, I was lucky to get 1,000 hits a month.

{Oh yeah, it was a good week!  I got a manuscript request on the very first query letter I sent out on Going for Kona!  Woot!  Fingers crossed.  Leaving Annalise is still under consideration by two other agents.}

Wk 10: a normal wk. Wk 11: a great wk, before BlogHer. Wk 12: Road to Joy bombarded by BlogHer readers.

As you can see, it was a busy week for me, even before you factor in the day job.  So, I’m waving the white flag on writing for Road to Joy tonight: I resort to video, instead.

This video is of us in the worst outfits ever, dancing in our garage.  It’s super long; you’ll die of boredom after about 30 seconds, if you make it that far.  But I don’t know how to chop these things shorter.  And tonight is not the night I’m going to teach myself how.  So click-watch-shut-and-bolt  🙂  And, I am only posting this because people asked for it, God only knows why, after I wrote about our ballroom dancing lessons. Which means it will probably get five views — all from the five people who requested it.  [Y’all are gonna be sorry after you watch it, I’m sure!]

There’s a story behind the video, and the story is this:  my sweet husband asked me to dance right before he left for San Antonio.  I was wearing something atrocious.  He put on his black dress socks with camo shorts to achieve an almost-as-bad outfit.  And then we decided we’d never (hopefully) look worse, so it was time for Clark to videotape us.  Of course.  Because that’s what normal people would do, right?

Oh my.

(Email subscribers, click on the title of this post to go out on the internet and view the train wreck video)

[youtube X-hJNHbjM7A]


I hope this doesn’t ‘t give you nightmares —