I love the hell out of the robotics competitions Clark the ADHD Wonder Kid participates in.  All those smart, techy kids geeking their hearts out.  And if you don’t already have ADHD before you go to one, you’ll feel like you do while you’re there.  Flashing lights, loud music, people everywhere, and all the while a competition ongoing complete with a big screen scoreboard and an announcer on acid.  Clark is a robot driver.  Driving the ‘bot is akin to gaming, but IRL.

Take a peek (just watch until it wears you out — it may be long, but you can jump ship at any point):

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[youtube X6a4-3dnxbo]

Or Click Here: Robotics

I need a nap!


p.s. Clark’s team WON the Global Socioeconomics Case Contest at Rice University for Southwest Houston high school teams.  They did a plan for Somalia and presented it.  RAWK on Clark/Bellaire!  They were awarded a $250 microloan made on their behalf, and the team receives the proceeds of the loan.  Kind of a cool way to involve them in the program.  The microloans through this program have had a 98% success rate (collectibility).

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