1.  I have the cutest new apron, EVER.  Yes, that’s right, I said apron.  I’ve even worn it.  I haven’t cooked in it yet, but I posed for this silly picture in our kitchen while Eric cooked and that counts for something.  Get your “Apron with an Attitude” from the Wild Child Mama HERE.  Just call me Martha.

My wet hair and bad attitude are courtesy of a just-completed swim.

2.  Want to read about the ADHD wonder kid today?  Well, you can:  Everyone wants to fix him, and me, on the ADHD Mommas.

3.  It wasn’t a win, but it was respectable:  I finished in the top 20% with both Leaving Annalise and Going for Kona (virtually identical scores) in the RWA “Novels with strong romantic elements” category of the 2011 Golden Heart competition, a BIG national competition.  I was very pleased with my scores, and plan to slay the contest with Conceding Grace this year.  🙂

4.  I got a big red R for Rejection from an awesome agent after her full manuscript review of Going for Kona.  Back to the drawing board.  Leaving Annalise is still out with two agents.

5.  I am planning two solid weeks writing in June.  I am hoping for two solid weeks of writing in May.  Good thoughts and prayers for my schedule gladly accepted.

6.  Despite ample provocation, I have not killed any of the offspring again this week.

7.  Eric and I survived simultaneous #30daysofbiking and #30positivedays (or we will have, by April 30th).  Actually, both rocked.

8.  There is no 8.  My work here is done.

Have a great day, y’all —



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