Eric's office desktop, where a bicycling picture of us reminds him of the good times, and only recently supplanted a giant Arizona Cardinals logo. I'm in!

It’s over.  #30positivedays are in the books, and I’m…sad.  (Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about?  Read these four posts for details of the #30positivedays challenge, participants, and my partnership with Nan of Little Black Dress Diaries:  (1) Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, (2)  If you don’t have something nice to say, then you’re probably not talking about my husband (3) What’s it gonna be?  Whatcha gonna see? (4) How’s the weather out there?)

For 30 days, I would sneak peeks at Facebook and Twitter all day, waiting for that moment when my husband Eric would post something wonderful about ME.  OK, I know the focus was supposed to be on the positive things I said about him, how they made him feel, and what they did for our relationship.

But I’m (almost) human.  And in a matter of days I became the blushing, ah shucks, “oh you go on” recipient of the most beautiful compliments, ever.  Never mind that he over-exaggerated most of them and is completely biased.  It turned out I was just as susceptible to the impact of praise and positivity as I predicted he would be.

I don’t want it to end!

Today, day 30, I have one last compliment for Eric, and it’s the one most fitting to reveal through my writing, through my blog, through my social media platform and to my “community” of like-minded writers, readers, athletes, and friends.

DAY 30 OF #30POSITIVEDAYS @TRIMON29/ERIC HUTCHINS has championed me, elevated me, cheered me on, and supported me through my darkest days of least self confidence.  He refuses to indulge the child in me that wants to hide and reminds me to turn my face to the light and shine.  His positivity and efforts draw people to these pages in incredible numbers.  Thank you, my husband, the president of the one-member Pamela Fagan Hutchins Fan Club.

Thanks to those of you who stuck with me for the ride, especially Nan.  Congratulations to the brave souls who tried it out with their loved ones, even one time. I hope you saw a flicker of the good stuff as a reward for your efforts.

I think besides our shiny eyes and newlywed behavior (we were asked by three strangers this month if we were newlyweds), the biggest gains for Eric and I over the last month came from learning we made a difference to those of you who contacted us privately.  And a few who tweeted it.  Nothing rocks more than a tweet like this:

@EJM3577: Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. Some of the best attitudes to follow #FF @trimon29 @PamelotH @Heart_Inspired

Or this one:

@FitMarriage: RT @FitnessWarden: @PamelotH @trimon29 ~ You are both setting a Great Example for couples!  I Thank You both for that! #FitMarriage/Awesome!

I just picked the ones from Thursday when I wrote this on a Friday.  There were many more, precipitated by our #30positivedays posts.

So, the challenge ends.  We rocked it.  No more inflicting our adoration for each other on the electronic world, but rest assured that we have morphed #30positivedays into #tilldeathdouspart.

Adios, friends —


p.s. The only disappointing re-discovery during this 30 days is that I lose followers in droves when I “go all positive,” but it won’t stop me.  It could just be that I don’t use the F word and complain enough.  Dunno.  But it doesn’t bother me at all that we are a couple who makes people want to puke.  🙂

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