We had 8th grade graduation last month for our youngest.

Here’s the notable news from our family this last month.

Suz went from earning a call from her principal regarding 32 skipped classes this month last year to winning Outstanding Social Studies Student and Outstanding Symphonic Band Member (flute) this year.  Of course, it isn’t lost on us that you can’t have social studies without the word social, and we’ve always known she shined brightest in the area of all things social.

Clark, age 15, is nearly 6'1" now.

Clark managed to pass all his classes, even given the corner he put himself into with assignments not turned in.  Going into finals, he had an average for the year in two classes of 61 and 64.  He needed an average of 70 to pass.  He made it in both classes.  He fails to see the 30 point gap between his test grades and the average as a gap he needs to close…yet.  He will be performing manual labor this summer, and we are hoping that changes his mind.


Liz had a great time at her senior prom.  I swear we took 500 pictures.  Above is a good one.

First dance.

Suz went to her first dance, if you don’t count bah mitzvahs.  She re-created my own first dance experience and danced with no one of the opposite sex.  She had a great time, though.


Clark threw a surprise 16th birthday party for his girlfriend.  I love the look on her face.

Graduation! Even Mama Kitty came.


Liz graduated as a “Texas Scholar” for academic achievement with a distinguished degree for her extra course credits.  She will swim on a dual academic/athletic scholarship for Adams State College in the fall.

Proud and happy.

Are we done yet?  Here are the tired papa/step-dad and mama/step-mom, on Liz’s high school graduation day.

And a few bonus pics:



Parents of Pamelot

That’s all the pictoral news for now from our slightly off kilter family.



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