Hi y’all.

Good news — next up on the docket is Eric’s PROTEINS blog for weight management and muscle gain.  Until then, enjoy:

My in-law’s 80th birthday party, at the lovely home of Eric’s older brother (it was awesome!):

Sue, Eric, Gene, Pamela

My pre-flight terrors on a plane with only 4 passengers bound for Farmington, NM from Denver:

I was glad to see there was a barf bag in the seat back pocket in front of me.

The amazing double rainbow storm vista from the back of my hotel and over the river, in Farmington:

I didn't manage to catch the lightning too, but what a beautiful sky.

The 6-teenagers and 2-bicycles road trip video, wherein the kids sing to earn Dairy Queen blizzards (yeah, it’s pretty bad):

The 6-teenagers and 2-bikes road trip. (click on the link to go to the short video)

The only news I have is no news: Conceding Grace is still under review by 2 agents, and I am holding off querying her anymore until I get some feedback.  I’ve been slammed with paying work this summer, and I have not written anything.  I hope to carve out writing time soon.  Eric and I just completed week 5 of our 20-week half ironman training program, and all we want is sleep sleep and more sleep!  I love getting stronger again, and the foot is holding up well.  We are two weeks away from a road trip with our 3 youngest kids to take Liz off to college, where she will swim for Adams State in Alamosa, CO.

It’s all good.



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