This is the smile he gives me. And that I have AFTER I finish a swim training session 😉

I threatened, a few months ago, to put video up of me singing.  I sing all the time, usually under my breath, and always flat, on other videos.

Well, I done’d it.

I heard the most beautiful song that fit my feelings for Eric exactly.  It’s a recording of David Barnes’ “God Gave Me You” done by Blake Shelton, who I love.  I picked out the chords and sang it for my sweetie, and he was a) properly appreciative/touched/verklempt and b) asked me to record it for him so he can put it on his play list to listen to on his shuffle when he runs.

Instead of just the audio recording (done on my iphone, and it worked!), I recorded on my webcam too, even though I did this on a whim and looked like I always do when I’m not at a client — BAD.  So, if you’re gonna do it, do it all the way, right?

Here’s my love song to Eric:

[youtube AObbInDU3Qc]

Pamela for Eric, \”God Gave Me You\”

(Yep, you click the link to watch/hear if you aren’t viewing this live on the internet)

Hasta y’all,


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