Ain’t nothing better than a little bit of small town Texas for a hot summer weekend.  Nowheresville, TX, that is.

The swim center that ice cream built. Across the street from the mother ship/manufacturing plant.

This year's #1 pick in the NFL draft played for his national championship winning junior college team in this stadium only 2 years ago, twenty miles from Nowheresville.

Enjoying a verry berry lemonade at a local BBQ joint/senior citizen's mission center.

I'm going faster than it looks, really. In our 36 hours in Nowheresville, we biked 36 miles, swam 2200 yards, and ran 8 miles. And Eric worked outside for 2 hours. We also consumed our body weight in Blue Bell, BBQ, and German breakfast foods. And then slept like the freakin' dead for 12 hours.

I spared you the picture of the very dead 250-pound feral hog.  Eric braved buzzards and an incredible stench to get it, but I decided it was just too graphic/gross.  I tried to get photos of the spotted Axis deer family in the wildlife-fenced area we bicycle and run by, but those fell victim to operator error with the camera (mine).
Meanwhile, protecting our country while we gad about enjoying ourselves:

My bad-ass brother is the pilot (backseat). Cool pic, huh?

Have a great weekend, everyone.
p.s. The Blue Bell flavors we tested this weekend were Dessert Trio, Triple Chocolate, and Peaches ‘n Homemade Vanilla.  🙂  What are your favorites?
p.p.s.  I love this picture of my daughter and her “almost” step-sister, the daughter of her father’s long time amour.

Suz is in pink. I wouldn't be a teenager again for love nor money, but I'd love to feel that carefree 🙂


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