Ain’t nothing better than a little bit of small town Texas for a hot summer weekend.  Nowheresville, TX, that is.

The swim center that ice cream built. Across the street from the mother ship/manufacturing plant.
This year's #1 pick in the NFL draft played for his national championship winning junior college team in this stadium only 2 years ago, twenty miles from Nowheresville.
Enjoying a verry berry lemonade at a local BBQ joint/senior citizen's mission center.
I'm going faster than it looks, really. In our 36 hours in Nowheresville, we biked 36 miles, swam 2200 yards, and ran 8 miles. And Eric worked outside for 2 hours. We also consumed our body weight in Blue Bell, BBQ, and German breakfast foods. And then slept like the freakin' dead for 12 hours.

I spared you the picture of the very dead 250-pound feral hog.  Eric braved buzzards and an incredible stench to get it, but I decided it was just too graphic/gross.  I tried to get photos of the spotted Axis deer family in the wildlife-fenced area we bicycle and run by, but those fell victim to operator error with the camera (mine).

Meanwhile, protecting our country while we gad about enjoying ourselves:

My bad-ass brother is the pilot (backseat). Cool pic, huh?

Have a great weekend, everyone.


p.s. The Blue Bell flavors we tested this weekend were Dessert Trio, Triple Chocolate, and Peaches ‘n Homemade Vanilla.  🙂  What are your favorites?

p.p.s.  I love this picture of my daughter and her “almost” step-sister, the daughter of her father’s long time amour.

Suz is in pink. I wouldn't be a teenager again for love nor money, but I'd love to feel that carefree 🙂


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  1. Small town America is where the real stories are. Thanks for sharing yours with us. If you have to live in Texas, Nowheresville sounds like an excellent choice. I’m just freaking that you guys bicycle and run in that gawd-awful heat! You are some Tough Texans!

    Hopefully with that, I will be spurred to work on the books.
    Just felt I had to share that after our run of photo and vlog postings…

  3. I feel so lucky and blessed that we stumbled into this place we found. It has all the components of things that we were looking for, and its funny that it was closer to our “backyard” then many of the other places we looked. Lake Summerville is awesome and I really hope to spend time on that, I am “water guy” after all.

    The Aquatics center is beautiful, there is small town football for Fridays and Saturdays, beautiful roads to ride, wonderful food, really really nice people, animals everywhere, and the absolutely best companion that anyone could ever hope for to share it with.

    PS. And there are a ton of Cardinals. 🙂

  4. I concur on the toastiness—you guys are tough as nails to ride in that heat.
    Is there concern over water snakes and whatnot in that lake? I’m imagining you have to be on the lookout for that everywhere in Texas, but what do I know—I just got here.

    1. I am always on the lookout for snakes, trail running and in lakes. Although I am told snakes will do their utmost to avoid me (by someone who I am married to, but I think he’s lying). I even worry about having a bike wreck and landing on a snake. But, truth be told, I’ve never seen a snake while I’ve been IN the water. I havve seen snakes in the water, but with all the time I’ve spent in Texas lakes, I’ve never encountered one while in the water. I do avoid small lakes/ponds, and stagnant water. I am also leary of alligators in south Texas. There, now I’ve given you something else to worry about!

  5. That is quite the carefree picture. And I agree, though I wouldn’t be a teen again, that feeling would be great! I don’t know how you are surviving in that heat down there, but you’re awesome doing it!

  6. All the pix are great – LOVE the one of your brother and his helicoptor! Yay him. It would have been really nice to be able to taste that berry lemonade along with some luscious BBQ! Best BBQ I ever, ever, ever had was in Smithsville TX.

  7. I love small towns! I have my own Nowheresville in southern AZ, 10 acres at the base of the Dragoon Mountains. TJ and I called it “The Shack” when we had friends down there with us, but when it was just he and I there he would call it “The Love Shack”. I would not want to be a teenager again either, but that picture is great!

    1. Oh, how cool! Is it any less hot there?
      The Quacker is our little love shack. Our weekends there, while filled with hard work both athleticslly and on the property, are actually very romantic, b/c it is OUR place.

  8. My favorite is still white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough. I love the tour they give at the factory. I’ve been going on that tour for over thirty years – Back when you could walk by the ice cream vats and stick a finger in when no one was looking.

    1. LOL, Rebecca, that’s great. I LOVE Chocolate macadamia nut. Haven’t seen it in forever. I am currently PMS’ing with Mango. Not mango sorbet, but REAL BLUE BELL ICE CREAm mango. Yummmmmm

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