I once posted “happiness is love of Eric in the rearview mirror,” based on a lyrics snatch from Mac Davis’ classic song.

Those lyrics take on a whole new meaning now.

Chilling image of countryside outside of Bastrop, TX, taken during the fires that started on September 4, 2011.

Thanks to photographer Jimmy Watts, a very popular local musician with his band The Watts Brothers.  Visit their website, check out their music, and contact him through booking@thewbb.com.  Comment to let him know what you think about his photo.  I hear he has sold autographed copies to raise money for Fire Relief.  What a great cause!  Y’all give him some love and buy this amazing photo.    For the complete story, click here:  Story of the Horses Photograph, or scroll down to his proud mama’s comment below (herself a celebrated local artist: click here for Jo Watts’ pottery/sculpture and more.

And this is only 30 miles from Nowheresville, y’all.  We smelled the smoke most of Labor Day weekend.  The fires in Bastrop are only 30% contained as of 9-9-11, despite the efforts of scores of volunteers and aerial drops of fire retardant from DC-10’s.

Prayers to all of the victims of the fires in Texas this month that have left more than 1000 families without homes and burned to the ground some of the most beautiful land/forests and state parks that you could imagine.  In Houston, we are currently experiencing ash and smoke from fires more than 30 miles away in Magnolia.

Eric and I return to Nowheresville this weekend, where we will be super careful — and we’re toting extra water for the poor deer and other critters.

Stay safe, everyone, 


p.s. For pictures of how dry it is, see “If a tree falls in the forest,” where I posted pictures from our once lush and green forested property.

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