For the last year or three, a male gecko has used our master bedroom sliding glass door as his bug hunting hang out. 
I adore him.
Nothing defuses whatever ugly mood swing I’m experiencing faster than spying his little green body tip toeing across the glass.  He only comes out at night, and only in late spring through early fall.
In the past, he was always alone.  Solo gecko.  A bachelor.  The gecko man about town.  Until June of this year.
In June, I looked up one evening and saw the blessed sight of Mr. Gecko with a Miss, who later became his Mrs. (or at least his baby mama).  I snapped this blurry shot.  Where did she come from?  Is there a  Were they betrothed from birth by gecko parents eager to ensure the perpetuation of their shared gecko genetics and culture?  Or did Mr. Gecko’s friends tire of his partying bachelor ways and set him up on a blind date with a hot young thing to entice him into a more settled lifestyle?  Whatever and however, it was gecko love.
One month later, I discovered a tiny red gecko baby with bulbous eye-orbs under translucent lids.  He had found his way into our master bath.  We watched him until he escaped without a whisper under our cabinets.  Within two weeks, I saw another of the offspring on the glass with Mom and Pop.  They were all too far apart to get a snap of  themtogether, but Pop huffed out his chest/neck in obvious pride.
How cool is gecko love?  I <3 our gecko family.
In other news, I am hard at work on the book version of the Clark Chronicles (tales of tears, laughter, some wisdom, and much wonder from the trenches of special needs parenting), and it is going, dare I say, quite well.  I hope to release it and several other books (surprise, surprise) before Christmas, with some follow-up additional book releases by the end of first quarter 2012.  The release of Easy to Love But Hard to Raise is upcoming, too, around the same 1Q12 timeframe.  Stay tuned, folks.
Eric has recovered from his concussion.  Thanks for the well-wishes and the shared laughs. 
Kids are all great.  Pets are doing well, too.  I am finally not sick and can resume serious training after five weeks mostly off.  Our November Half Ironman Triathlon in Conroe, TX has changed to one in Galveston in April, but it’s all good.  No complaints here!
Have a super weekend,

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