Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention, please?

Introducing the newest member of our family, Petey.

Weighing in at a full 6.5 pounds, Petey is a dead ringer for Dumbo.  We believe he is a Boston Terrier, although we suspect a Chihuahua got in on the action at some point in his lineage.  Petey is 3-months old, and I gave him to Eric after he hinted for only four months.  Eric also tried to snow me into a miniature pot-bellied pig.  He’s going to have to settle for Petey.

We selected a Boston Terrier for their short hair and size, but I looked around to find the perfect CALM and DIMINUTIVE specimen, with the white face and dark body that Eric loves.  Calm was a must — Eric had a Boston Terrorist in his past, and Bowie was the Tazmanian Devil, and an escape artist to boot.  Petey is super calm and a “right champion snuggler,” as they say on “All Creatures Great and Small.

Cowboy the Big Yellow Dog and Layla have almost forgiven us.  Petey is smaller than Cowboy’s head, so we have wooed Cowboy, hoping to make Petey a friend rather than a snack.  We presented Cowboy with a giant yellow squeaky duck and a few treats, and that seemed to get him over the hump.

Petey’s true color is brindle, which means that in bright light you can see lovely ginger and brown background markings in his coat. It is not Petey’s looks, size, hair, or temperament that Eric loves best, though.  Check this out.

[youtube 2ej4e9BSkuI]


Petey’s a bicycling dog.  He LOVES it.

Petey rocks.

Eric’s in love.

Later, all —


p.s. Eric wants everyone to know that, no matter what she thinks, this will never be Susanne’s dog.  He has whispered, “Suz is a big meanie” in Petey’s sleeping ear over and over.  That should do the trick.