2 and a half dog night. Petey's showing us his good eye as he begins his sprint off his bed. Cowboy and Layla are looking at Eric. They (and the cat JuJu) have a lot of interest in Petey post-incident. Isn't animal intelligence amazing?

Despite the full time job that is nursing a Boston Terrier puppy through a devastating eye injury, the world kept revolving on its axis this week.  I am thankful, though, that my client called to postpone a work project.  God granted me time to keep an ice pack on Petey’s eye during his naps.

In offspring news, Clark qualified for Texas 5a State in Cross X debate as a 2nd year debater, Susanne swam two swim meets (and won the 500 free in one of them) and sang in her first choir concert, Liz celebrated fall break with the season’s first snow and a bear on campus, Thomas visited us (yay!), and our 5th child who doesn’t like to earn mention in my blogs is great too ;-).

In grown-up news, Pamela got a rejection letter from an agent that sent rejection letters out on the same day after a four-and-half-month review to one of her writer-buddies that had full manuscripts with him, too.  Since this happened on the afternoon of the day Petey hurt his eye, it didn’t impact me as much as past rejections have.  Instead, it has fueled my conviction that traditional publishing is on its way out.  I am embracing the new era.

More grown-up news: Eric discovered this week that he has a large-ish hole in his jawbone from an abscess caused post-root canal, when a tooth that should have had 3 roots turned out to have a hidden 4th root.  This root canal was a year ago, leading one to question why he never mentioned the severe pain.  His answer?  He’s very good at compartmentalization and has a high physical and mental pain threshhold.  *sigh* I fear he is not trainable.  Anyway, it was so bad that the specialist stopped the surgery in pre-op, and sent Eric home to do a round of antibiotics to clear the infection.  The good news is how much better Eric feels since he started the antibiotics.  His racing heart beat and constant migraines have stopped.  Hmmm.  The surgery is next week.

Here’s the visual pupdate.

We learned who the best skidloader driver is in the family. Hint: he is pictured, and it isn't Eric.


Suz before a race. She's thinking, "How could I best upset my parents in the next two minutes?" 😉 Her nickname since preschool has been Contrary Mary. She likes to taunt her coach and us with her talent by expending the least effort possible. She has perfected the art, in fact.


Suz is a freestyler/flier. Breastroke makes the best in-water pics, tho. She has beautiful, efficient strokes in all events. She has the height and strength for sprinting, but prefers distance b/c she can excel w/less effort due to her efficiency. That's my girl.


Post race. Note the lack of red cheeks or heaving chest. Suz believes in conserving energy. Despite her relaxed approach, she manages to swim just fast enough that the coach doesn't kill her. But it's close. I just cover my eyes and pray for patience.


I fought the pig and the pig won. Petey, bad/stitched eye up, collapsing in an unplanned nap after battling my stress pig.


College football! U of Houston versus East Carolina. Damn, Case Keenum IS that good. Case for Heisman!

Take care and have a great weekend, everyone.  We will for sure.  We are taking Petey, Layla, Cowboy, and JuJu to the vet all at the same time.  Those four, plus C, S, E, & P in the Suburban.  It should be quite a show.  And result in an addition built onto the clinic named in our honor.  After we recover, Eric and I are planning to cook our famous white trash dinner for friends, because WE KNOW HOW TO PARTY.  Yeah, I know you’re jealous.


p.s. Thanks to my writing buddy and very good friend Heidi Dorey for captioning the Petey-pig photo 🙂