I told Petey the plan for November. He doesn't think it includes much time for wrestling, tug of war, walks, or giving puppies their treats. Pout pout.

Sadly, I think I am going to sit out what would be my 4th consecutive Nanowrimo in favor of finishing my work-in-progress projects.

For y’all newbies, November is National Novel Writing Month — aka Nanowrimo — and participants write 50,000 words of fiction in 30 days to “win” prestigious Nano honors.  I wrote my first three novels in my first three Nanos.  No one will ever read them if I keep writing new ones, though.  I have to buff, polish, and CLOSE.

However, Nano rocks.

I want to Nano.

But I want to finish my soon-to-be-published books more.

THEREFORE, in honor of Nano, I am taking off four weeks in November to write.

Yes, I am completely absconding from paying work.  I am going to stress myself out as I watch our bank account dwindle, while I piddle around with words on pages.  Piddle.  Piddlepiddlepiddle.  And then piddle some more.  Lots and lots of piddling.

Awesome.  With all that I’ve learned about myself in my three previous Nano’s, I know how much writing work I can churn out.  I’m going to have to top my 65,000-word Nano effort from last year, in terms of effort, if I am to succeed in releasing my intended set of books before Christmas.  [update: realistically, let’s push this back to end of 1st quarter, LOL, wow do I get overly optimistic!]

Wish me luck.    And save some pennies up to buy MY BOOKS.


p.s. Non-fiction in 1 q 12, Fiction later in 2012.  Y’all will have to wait for Katie and Annalise just a little bit longer.  Too many damn projects going at once.  (Note to self: 2011 resolutions — NO NEW PROJECTS UNTIL I FINISH THE OLD ONES.)

p.p.s.  Does a kids’ series on The Adventures of Petey the One-Eyed Dog count as a new project if I thought of it in 2011??

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