Top 10 things to report:

1.  I have a big box of awesomeness at my feet: my copies of Easy to Love But Hard to Raise.  Get out there and order a few copies for your holiday-gift giving.  And for yourself.

2.  The Clark Kent Chronicles are with my editor.  How to Screw Up Your Kids is almost ready for her, too.  Next up: Couples Who Make You Want to Puke, followed by Hot Flashes and Half Ironmans, then the as-yet-untitled book of animal stories, tentatively Puppalicious Stories of Pets and Other Non-Humans.  I’m open to suggestions 🙂

3.  Petey is rockin a new camo hoodie.

4.  Our street is fixed (gasp).  Eric is preaching the Power of Pamelot to all who will listen.  More like the power of the Internet, but still funny.

No longer protruding 2 inches above the street. Yay!

5.  Eric did a fabulous job delivering a eulogy for his father.  I am very proud of him.  Spending time with his wonderful family is always special, even in the saddest of times.  Check out tributes to his father Gene Hutchins at

6.  Our master bath is under reconstruction, and will hopefully be done by Christmas.  The impetus?  a) crossed hot and cold lines unfixable without tearing out the tub/shower/walls, that we have lived with for four years and b) rot/leaks.  Can’t wait for the result!  And a post is brewing on this topic.  Stay tuned.

Clark and Susanne's artwork in our newly poured concrete layer on the bathroom floor. That reads E+P 07- "infinity" (and was done by the super sweet boy-man-child).

7.  Clark is attempting to set a record for zeroes this grading period.  Just when he had done so well for three months!  Still no drivers’ license, but he’ll get it before January 1.

8.  I refuse to travel for work anymore until after January 15th, although visiting London was quite nice.  Click for more pictures.

9.    Susanne missed two swim meets due to illness.

10.  Liz got snowed in and her whole team missed their final swim meet before their one-week winter break.  We are going to see her swim in January!

That’s all I got.

<3 <3 <3


p.s. We are systematically undergoing some name changes on Road to Joy, in order to mask the kids’ identities a bit.  This is due to the upcoming publication of books which will include their stories.