Yo!  Who has you covered this holiday season with a brand new, free book?  A totally awesome book from real parents featuring true stories about challenging kids, kids with “invisible” disabilities.  A book that will let you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE, as we cry with you and share what works and doesn’t in our families.

Answer:  ME! 

You’re welcome.

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, ETLBHTR features a story from me.  Me.  ME ME ME 🙂  You can buy it at 30% off the cover price between now and January 20th, just in case you don’t win. 

So, here’s how to enter:

1.  Submit a commit to this post sharing something awesome about one of your kids.  Bonus: if you share a parenting success.  Extra Bonus: if your story involves an “invisible” disability, like ADHD, for example.  Super Extra Bonus: If you submit multiple entries. 

2.  Extraordinary Out of This WORLD Bonus: tweeting, blogging, or Facebook posting about my Giveaway (just be sure to let me know by some method — tag me (Pamela Hutchins, Author — I think you have to “like” my page in order for that to work, maybe?) in the Facebook post, mention @pameloth in the tweet, or use your blog link as a Comment Luv to another comment you make to this post).

3.  I shall diligently read your entries and pick a winner.  There’s no random to this.  I’m gonna rank the entries in the order I like best, then add 1 point each for Bonus, Extra Bonus, and Super Extra Bonus.  AND the Extraordinary Out of This WORLD Bonus.

4.  Sit back and wait for me to announce the winner (Sunday, December 18th), whereupon I will ship it to the destination of your choice.  Heck, I’ll even autograph it and giftwrap it if you’re gifting it.  That’s just the kind of crazy-helpful person I am (sometimes).  Warning: I am a crappy but enthusiastic present-wrapper.

4.  You, in appreciation of your copy of ETLBHTR, may choose to blog a review, tweet about the book, or talk about the book in  a Facebook post.  No obligation, but it would be a totally nice way to say thank you.

So…what are you waiting for, a gold-plated invitation?  Get to commenting, retweeting, posting, and blogging!

And Happy Holidays’, y’all.


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Nice to have you here 🙂

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