A few months ago, raging fires devastated the Texas town of Bastrop and surrounding area. Over a thousand families lost their homes.  It was tragic.

Eric and I visited Bastrop on New Year’s Day, our anniversary.  We chose January 1 as our wedding date purposefully, as a symbol of BEGINNING.  And it was with that spirit that we drove the country roads around Bastrop and hiked the Lost Pine forests of Bastrop State Park.  What we saw?



Charred forests.

Like this.

And this.

[youtube m0yglvPQh80]

You could hear the echoes of their screams, feel their searing pain.

What we also saw?

New barns.

Houses partially framed out over old slabs.


New growth.

Like this sapling struggling up through dead pine needles.

And these ferns below hulking black shadows.

Last month, my 9-month old niece came with her parents to Eric’s father’s funeral.  One old gentleman told the Colonel how much it meant to him to see life in the midst of death.  Yes.  Life in the midst of death.  That endless cycle.  In death, life.  In despair, hope.  In disbelief, faith.

Thank you, Bastrop, for a beautiful start to our new year and the next chapter in our lives together.



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