In Amarillo where I grew up, you were religiously “diverse” if you were anything but Church of Christ. So, as someone who was on the outside, I thought I had sensitivity for religious diversity, I thought I got it. I was raised Methodist, chose Disciples of Christ, and now go to a Baptist Church. Eric has had a similar Protestant journey.

So let’s just get this out there: Petey is Catholic, y’all. We found out on Ash Wednesday during Lent. Why, you may ask? Because he came home with the remnants of an ash cross on his forehead (Okay y’all, if you don’t know anything about Catholicism and Ash Wednesday, then click here because it’s time for some edification), see below:


Petey on Feb. 22, 2012: Ash Wednesday. He tried to remove it, but the evidence was there.

We really should have picked up on it sooner, with his Boston Terrier (site of huge Irish Catholic migration a century ago) heritage. And it’s going to be okay. It’s not like he is Pentecostal, after all. He’s just a Catholic, and we’re not in Amarillo anymore — we’re in Houston, and there’s a heck of a lot of Catholics here. It’s just that most of them speak English as a second language. Come to think of it, though, English isn’t Petey’s first language either.

It will be fine. Really, it will.


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