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 Today my announcements went out about the publication of my five new books. Surprise! They’re ready two weeks early, because that’s how I roll. I am nervous because I really need people’s help, and I have no idea what the response will be. If you’re wondering what kind of help, click the fabulous-if-I-do-say-so myself new post on Indie Publishing at SkipJack Publishing, called “How to help an indie author.” Be sure to download the document I prepared specially for you guys that helps guides you easily through the step-by-step process of supporting me and other indie authors.

I thank you in advance.

Pray for me 🙂

Oh! And I almost forgot. I learned last night that I won the HWG Ghost Story contest, with an adapted excerpt from Discovering Katie  and Leaving Annalise. Woot! “The Jumbie House” will appear in an anthology of ghost stories published later this year.


p.s. Here’s the text of the announcement I sent out:



Pamela Fagan Hutchins releases five new books under the SkipJack Publishing imprint.
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Announces The Release Of Five New Books By Pamela Fagan Hutchins



How You Can Help

The world of publishing is changing rapidly, but word of mouth still works best. For tips on how you can help an indie author succeed, please check out “How You Can Help An Indie Author.”

All of my books are available in print and ebook on Amazon and SkipJack. Audio is coming in July 2012. Watch my website for book signings and other events.

I have four more books coming out in the next twelve months. I promise only to email you about new releases, and I would be honored if you stayed on my enewsletter list.

— Pamela

Puppalicious Follows E2L

Puppalicious And Beyond: Life Outside The Center Of The Universe is a collection of inter-related stories, both fictional and true, about all the pets and other nonhumans passing through the author’s life, bringing fright, delight, and every emotion in between. See below for more information on ghost stories by Pamela.

In January of 2012, Pamela contributed to the special needs parenting anthology Easy To Love But Hard To Raise, from DRT Press.

How To Screw Up Your Kids Wins

How To Screw Up Your Kids: Blended Families, Blendered Style won the 2012 Houston Writers Guild Manuscript Contest for Narrative Nonfiction. The competition was open to entries from all over the world. Pamela was excited to win not only this category, but also Mainstream Fiction for her upcoming novel, Conceding Grace. Read author Joana James’ review of HTSUYK on Book Wormz, here.

Love Gone Viral

Pamela brings her tongue-in-cheek style to the subject of second marriages, in Love Gone Viral: Couples Who Make You Wanna Puke, And How To Be Part Of One. Pamela admits this was her favorite book to write, and reviews are very favorable. Nan Loyd, author of The Tango Element, calls it “an engaging, laugh-out-loud book.”

The Clark Kent Chronicles Spring To Life

Three years in the making, The Clark Kent Chronicles: A Mother’s Tale Of Life With Her ADHD And Asperger’s Son holds a special place in mama Pamela’s heart. She continues to write new chronicles every month, published on {a mom’s view of ADHD}, Special-Ism, and Everyday Health. Read author Joana James’ review, here.

Hot Flashes And Half Ironmans Resonates

Part humorous help for peri-menopausal woman and part inspirational how to, readers love Hot Flashes And Half Ironmans: Middle-aged Endurance Athletics Meets The Hormonally Challenged. Beyond Limits magazine calls it “coffee with your best friend,” full of “laughs and honesty.” Read a review by Julie Timms, creator of Just Jules, here.

Coming Soon

Watch Pamela’s website for her upcoming release of Discovering Katie in November, 2012, to be followed quickly in January, 2012 by Leaving Annalise. Leaving Annalise won the 2010 Writers Guild of Texas Manuscript award for Romance (because it’s romantic, although it is not a romance). Even better, an adapted short story from Leaving Annalise won a ghost story competition (now that’s more like it) and was selected for inclusion in an upcoming anthology of ghost stories. Stay tuned for more details.



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