My youngest turned fifteen recently. She’s never had a real boyfriend, so lately she’s practiced her moves on the dog, Petey the one-eyed terrier. Wait, that sounds bad. He really does only have one eye, but he is a D-O-G.

So she was snuggling Petey, and she puckered up to give him a big smooch. Petey is a very sweet animal. He is also an enthusiastic kisser. He was so enthusiastic that he grinned as he zoomed in for his kiss. This caused his mouth to open. Well, I’d love to say a little doggy slobber and tongue bothers my teenage daughter, but I’d be lying if I did. She stayed her course.

Until she saw the two-inch cockroach on Petey’s slightly protruding tongue.

(Sadly, this is a 100% true tale.)

So that’s Susanne’s first kiss story, or at least the one I plan to tell at her wedding to Tim Tebow.

What’s YOUR’S?



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