You know the topic of book formatting turns you on. Try to control yourself…because here we go!

How you format depends on where and how you plan to publish.

Print formatting: Are you going to print your books? I chose to do so, and I found the best deal with Create Space (, at least the best deal that met my goals. I wanted the lowest cost for small volume runs, and print-on-demand sales through Amazon. If you know you’re going to print a very high volume of books, you might be better off going with America’s Press ( Create Space has Word Templates for whatever size book you want to create (i.e., 5.25×8 inches, or 9×6 inches). The templates are handy, if you are very proficient in Word. If not, they are easy to mess up. I’m pretty Word savvy, and I got turned sideways on a template and couldn’t recover. I had better luck with Book Design Wizard 2.0 (, a $39.50 piece of software that is nothing more than a really snazzy Word Template, but far more Pamela-proof than the Create Space version. Since I was formatting five nonfiction books, and plan to do a minimum of four more in the next year, this investment was miniscule. Their customer service is good, too. (And speaking of good customer service, I’ve had a wonderful experience with Create Space). SkipJack can help you out with print formatting if you’d prefer.

Ebook formatting:

Click here to read my lessons learned on ebook formatting and more on SkipJack Publishing.

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