How does AUTHOR-PRENEUR sound to you?

Let me ‘fess up, here: I’m one of those indie authors. You know the kind: writers who pursued traditional publication but didn’t get picked to dance with Prince Charming at the ball. I became a writer at the wrong time with the wrong material. I came on the scene post digital publishing boom with not a single word about sparkly vampires or boy-wizards. Um, I write witty women’s mysteries/thrillers and my nonfiction follows a similar bent. Sheesh, what was I thinking, right?

I tried to find an agent for a few years, and I had a lot of gratifying interest, but I didn’t land one. Yet every book I wrote won the writing competitions I entered them in: novels, short stories, and nonfiction. My writing was praised up one side and down the other, for all the good it did me. I didn’t seem like a “sure thing” to agents.

I got it. I didn’t like it, but I got it.

I had a choice, though. I could change what I wrote, or I could take control of my destiny and sell MY stories to MY readers. I could go indie.

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