Four seconds. That’s the approximate range of forward thinking our teenage ADHD/Asperger’s son can engage in. There are obvious problems with this present focus, like the inability to envision future consequences of actions in the here and now.  This makes the Clark Kent in the present think he’s invincible like Superman, right? In fact, that’s what we have always called our boy: Clark Kent.

Clark Kent landed a summer job as a lifeguard. Last weekend he was in two days of lifeguard training. CK stayed with his dad the night before. CK’s father Edward is also ADHD. I sent the instructions to Edward and CK two days in advance, including a link to information about the site, the address and directions.  I didn’t connect the dots, cross t’s, and dot i’s about it, thinking, “It’s Edward’s time, and he’s a responsible adult.”

Well, it didn’t go well.

Please visit {a mom’s view of ADHD} to read the rest of “But Superman never gets a sunburn,” the latest installment of The Clark Kent Chronicles.



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