Anyone can publish what they write, but if you are serious about trying to sell it, you should invest in it in several ways, before you do.

Why? Because publishing is forever. A print book sold is permanent. Sure, you can recall an ebook and substitute an updated version, but how many people take the time to replace their old one? Most people never re-open your book once they decide they are done, whether that is at the words “the end” or when they get fed up with errors or poor writing. Only a few people re-check and re-read, and they only do it for those rarest of authors, the ones whose books they love so much or find so useful that they reach for it over and over again.

You won’t be that author if your book sucks.

Don’t be the go-to when your reader runs out of toilet paper. Don’t be the ebook deleted from a library because it annoys the reader to look at its childish cover art another time. Do these things up front, instead:

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