So cool — I got to guest post on Ann’s Running Commentary. Ann Brennan is a 44-year old triathlete training to complete her first Ironman, and the mother of two teenagers and an elementary-aged son. She is also a fabulous writer and powerful force in the triathlon community. And, she’s my dear friend, one of those I have never met IRL, but have loved from afar since Eric matched us up on Twitter two years ago.

Here’s a taste of my post, but please head over to her site to read the rest of, “Just keep me away from the mirrors, please.”




Let’s get one thing straight: I ain’t no spring chicken. Yes, I may wear the same clothing sizes, and, to the horror of my kids, the same “vintage” clothing at times, but I can’t rock a bikini quite the way I used to. Between the varicose veins, sun-creped skin, and spider-webbed eyes, there’s no place to look that doesn’t give away my age. But I’ve got bigger issues to worry about than thighs that wiggle and arms that waggle.

CLICK HERE for “Just keep me away from the mirror, please.”


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