Our ADHD/Asperger’s teenager is the nicest person in our family. We call him Clark Kent the WonderKid, because in his heart he believes he’s Superman.  Remember what a nice guy Clark Kent was? It makes me wonder if he had ADHD, too.
Not that Clark is only nice because of ADHD. Far from it. But I think his present focus gives him a leg-up on the rest of us. Why? Because Clark forgets. Nevermind forgive, we all do that. The rest of us, though, hold past hurts in our present thoughts. Clark doesn’t. If it wasn’t within the four-second window he lives in on either side of the present moment, then it’s over for him almost as if it never happened.
He’s not just able to forget. He’s also kind. Last night my husband Eric asked Clark to do a few favors for him: get cash, get ice and pack it in a cooler, and get gas, all because Eric was exhausted and needed to start his work day at 4:30 a.m. again the next day.
Uh oh. This is where it usually goes bad. 🙂
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