Pre-signing, enjoying a can of Whoopass Energy Drink, because that's how I roll.

This ain’t no “build it and they will come” scenario, folks. Books signings are a hard sell, even for the traditionally published writer. Book sales are a hard sell, and, at a signing, you’re asking people to come buy your books at a specific time, in return for your smiling face and John Hancock. Your mama thinks those are special, but to most people, they aren’t much of an enticement. If you’re indie, you’ll have to work hard and smart if you want a dynamite book signing, but you can achieve fantastic results if you include these factors for success in your planning:

1. Location, location, location

Don’t go holding some random event in an area where you have no following or name recognition. Who the heck is going to come check out the Secret History of Middle American Basket Weavers unless they already know the book, and, even better, you? The only answer: no one. You won’t even get a polite drop-by from the janitor unless you went to high school with him. Why? Because people are afraid that even talking to you will result in them having to buy shit they don’t want. Right? That’s why you scurry past the vendor-person when you see them, too. You know you do. So pick a location where people know of you or your book. Where you can draw a crowd of people that came specifically to see you and buy what you are selling. Otherwise, you’re going to sit by yourself for two hours playing tiddlywinks and pretending you aren’t devastated.

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