Why oh why should you read my book Hot Flashes and Half Ironmans? Because @psychobitch5 says so. And that is scary enough to motivate me, for sure. Who is @psychobitch5, you ask? Well, when she’s not on Twitter, her name is Jane Linsdell, and she is an AVID reader and reviewer. And she has five daughters. All of whom, I am sure, do exactly what she says, just like our five kids (ha).

Anyway, Jane reviewed my book even though she favors Romance , Erotica, Urban Fantasy, Crime, and Thrillers.ย None of which are the genre of HFHI. Well, it can be romantic from time to time. But definitely there is no erotica, fantasy or crime.ย ย No thrills, either. But even though I was not her normal read, Jane had a lot of good things to say, and wrote a very flattering review. Thank you, Jane!

Read her full review by CLICKING HERE.

I’ll add that HFHI is my hottest selling book to date (the whole 2.5 months since we published my first five books and concurrently started SkipJack Publishing),vandvthat my husband Eric was totally pumped today when one of our brick-and-mortar bookstore locations sold out and doubled their next order. Woot! We love us some HFHI.

Y’all have a great week…


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