My husband Eric and I have lived 2012 at a sprint pace over a marathon distance.

Well, not anymore.

  • Eric quit his job.
  • I postponed delivery of my next novel to my editor.
  • For the first time since January 1st, we took a weekend off from work and spent it with just each other.

As far as breaks go, this probably isn’t much of one, because it looks like Eric won’t get any time off from work between the end ofย his old job and the start of his next one. I filled my vacated writing time with my day job. And our next weekend breather together won’t come until Christmas. However, time — any time — away from the grind and spent slowing down together is very sweet.

Buying a TV for the Quacker. No, Eric, that one won’t fit.

So my break is your break, friends.

Enjoy yours from me ๐Ÿ™‚ and I’ll see you soon.


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