Me and Sandra Brown, hangin’ at Hastings.

And those places and people are pretty dang awesome, so hold onto your socks (but I’m saving the best for last, so don’t skip out on me, folks unless you first go straight to lucky number seven):

1. I’m crawling all over the interwebs! First, amazing interior designer Lisa Baer of Baer Home Designs let me guest post on her site, maybe because I shared with her readers how I drew inspiration from Lisa through design projects that, like the flapping of the wings of a butterfly, led me to purchase the home that Annalise in Saving Grace is based on. Read Art Imitates Life on Lisa’s website. Second, up and coming author Lori Freeland invited me over to talk about the release of Saving Grace on her website. Show them the love, y’all?

2. My favorite Canadiaan triathlete. Heck, my favorite Canadiaan, Adena, puts together a loveable hodge podge of thoughts each week. One of her thoughts this week is about…well, check it out: Randoms on Adena’s website.

3. Humbling, that’s what I think about St. Lucian reviewer/author Joana James’ review of Saving Grace. Why? Because I worried most about the accuracy of my depiction of two elements in the book. She talks about one of them, and you can read about it by CLICKING HERE.

4. Two interviews popped up in the same week, and luckily I said something very different in each of them. Not very different in an MPD way, but in a more-interesting-for-you-guys way. Catch the interviews on Juniper Grove and on the website of British author/editor/proofreader/reviewer Nikki Markus.

5. I’m looking for secret shoppers all over the U.S. It’s fun, it’s easy, and you end up with prizes. Volunteer in comments or by emailing me at

6. Did you miss your chance to enter the Monday Madness contest, and help an indie author get some reviews, fans, and ratings on Goodreads? Well, I can help you fix that. Click HERE.

7. Here’s the big lucky number seven: from 10/24/12 through 10/28/12 only, Amazon is letting me offer free Kindle downloads of Saving Grace.

Yes, free. Did you already buy one? Well, you rock. Go get you another and send it as an egift to someone who would love it. The one and only thing I ask — and I think it’s pretty reasonable — is that in exchange for this gift/download, you leave me a short review on Amazon. Fair enough?

If you don’t have a Kindle, no worries. You can download free Kindle Readers to load onto your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. I have a Kindle Reader on everything I own!

I can even autograph your free Kindle ebook on Kindlegraph (although you have to have a Twitter account to use it).

Don’t hide this light under a bushel — spread the word, spread the love. Help me give away an oodle of ebooks! Please 😀

Next week Hot Flashes and Half Ironmans is free for five days…then How to Screw Up Your KidsThe Clark Kent ChroniclesLove Gone Viral…and Puppalicious and Beyond. Six weeks of freebies!!!

And during this period and through the middle of January, I’ll leave all the ebooks marked way, way down for the gift-giving season: novels $2.99, nonfiction $0.99. How ’bout them apples?

PLUS, during this entire period, Amazon Prime annual members can download any of these six books as loaners for as long as they want, free of charge. No, I am not kidding!!!

So, this, my friends, is your chance to read my books or to share them with others.  As I’ve mentioned previously, as long as my energy holds out, I’ll do Skype Q&A’s by appointment with book clubs, too.

And if you talk your local library or bookstore into picking up my books (which they can order through Ingram — that’s all they need to know besides my full name, Pamela Fagan Hutchins), I’ll give you free ebooks in any format you want.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but anticipate a slew of reviews and bookstore announcements soon. The launch party is only a week away (Nov. 3, 4-6 pm, River Oaks Bookstore at 3270 Westheimer in Houston, TX — steel pan band, fruity drinks, Meghan Pinson (editor) and me!) and I am jacked UP about it. This frenetic book launch pace will end in mid-November, but until then, hang on to your pants, Fred.



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  1. Amazon wouldn’t let me download another copy of the book since I purchased one already (poopie heads) but I asked some friends to, and they did (yay). I’m off to check out the reviews I haven’t seen yet! This is so exciting!!

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