“The road goes on forever and the party never ends.” Or so sayeth Texas troubadour Robert Earl Keen. And I think he’s right. The road to joy, the road to riches, the road to writing, all of them for me go on forever, and, for me, to experience that is a party. But for who else?

1. For Vidya Sury, who just won the signed copy of Saving Grace 🙂 in the Monday Madness in October competition! Congratulations Vidya! I’ll stick that in the mail this week.

2. For River Oaks Book Store, who scored new customers and did over $3,000 in sales during our Saving Grace Book Launch Party. That’s holiday-type sales for a small bookstore. Yay for them!

3. For the United States of America, where we celebrated our sacred right and responsibility to vote for our leadership this week. Makes me teary every time I do it.

4. For Petey, who had a house full of awesomeness this week when, for the Launch weekend, we hosted my editor Meghan Pinson, my friend and amazing supporter Stephanie Hayes Swindell, and my friend and Ava-inspiration Natalie Hollins. He likes pretty women 🙂

5. For my husband, who did not have hold my sobbing head as I retched in despair over a trashcan, because Saving Grace topped its 33,016-download promo giveaway (and #1 ranking in giveaway-#’s and ratings on Amazon for the week) with something even better: it shot up to #10  in women sleuths, #30 in women’s fiction, and topped at #390 overall in the PAID category and was again featured as “best rated.” HOLY SHIT, Y’ALL. No sobbing or puking here. [Huge thanks to all of you who downloaded, read, reviewed, purchased, and promoted — you are AMAZING] Good ole Saving Grace is holding steady in the top 1000, which I just cannot believe. Speaking of 1,000…that’s how many we sold in the first week. I may sob and puke after all. Thank you, Eric, for convincing me to indie publish. Thank you.

6. My new publicist, who is going to be the direct beneficiary of the great first week Saving Grace had. I’ll save the official announcement for next week.

7. My website, which is in the midst of a Meghan-induced upgrade. Browse and let me know what you think.

I’ve got a lot of day job going on this next few weeks, so it seems like a great month to a) Finish Leaving Annalise (by the end of April, Katie and Annalise will return) and b) resume triathlon training (just shoot me now — I am woefully out of shape). The road goes on forever.

But this party never ends.

Love and light to you,


p.s. Kids, you’re welcome that I didn’t put your pictures up, for once!

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