After 10 months off, I got in the water today. And swam (poorly and for only 20 minutes). I also rode my bicycle (poorly and for only 45 minutes).

Eric and I each write every night in a fantastic “I Like” book given to us by my brother and his wife. Tonight, Eric wrote, “To see you in a swim suit.”

Please note he did not write, “How you look in a swim suit.” I am, ahem, closing in on 46 years old, and did I mention I haven’t swam in 10 months?

But my husband has Ironman training in his eyes, for both of us. It’s awfully hard to get us both to the finish line if I never swim again. So I did it. And now I am supposed to do it three times a week for the next 18 months.

78 weeks x 3 swims/week = 234 swims

1 down, 233 to go . . . hold me, please hold me . . .

(Look at the picture below if you dare — wet hair, the smell of chlorine, and a big smile on my face)

But I do love that man, and this does make him very happy, and I will be so proud of myself, and this does enable me to quadruple my food intake over time. So, for better or worse, 78 weeks started TODAY.

Because he is, in essence, making me do this (not literally, but you know what I mean), I shall pay him back by posting this picture of him, getting fitted for progressive lenses.

Love you, honey.


In other more newsy news, Saving Grace reached 1,000 paid Kindle downloads on Amazon for November earlier today. We are so proud of our baby girl. She has 49 reviews now with an average of nearly 4.9 stars out of 5.0. It’s fun to read all these reviews from readers all over the world, who are meeting Katie and me for the first time.

We have focused on marketing the Kindle because it is cheaper for our readers. However, I want to assure you that paperbacks are also available online at Amazon, Hastings, and Barnes & Noble, and at many fine bookstores. You can even get a signed version if you order it through IMHO, they make great gifts.

Don’t forget, if you downloaded during the free Amazon Kindle promo in October, you owe me an HONEST review (if you hate it, state it), here, and I’d appreciate it if you click the orange like button as well. I’ll be grateful beyond your imagination if you also copy and paste that review onto Goodreads, here.


The free Kindle download for Love Gone Viral ends at midnight tonight. It reached #1 in Marriage and #1 in Divorce, which is funny to me. We are re-titling it and re-releasing it as How to Screw Up Your Marriage (Do-Over Tips for First-Time Failures) and selling it and How to Screw Up Your Kids (Blended Families, Blendered Style) together. Stay tuned. We’re pretty excited about it.


Have you read Puppalicous and Beyond, my collection of essays about all the pets I’ve loved before? If so, I’m looking for you! I need three more HONEST reviews (if you hate it, state it) on Amazon, here, in order to qualify for free promotion for a free Kindle giveaway. I had 15, but Amazon has a nasty habit of pulling down reviews for no reason, and with no recourse for the author and/or publisher, so I lost some. All bow to the omnipotent Amazon (it’s a big love/hate thing for me).

Speaking of all the pets I’ve loved, that’s Petey the one-eyed wonder, above, surrounded by his guilty conscience. Look at his good eye gleam.

I need five more reviews, here, for Hot Flashes and Half Ironmans, too, for the same reason as for Puppa (thanks, Amazon). .

Help a starving artist out? Thanks, y’all.


Have a great week,


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