Pathetic plea for clicks, but it’s not for me.

Clark Kent’s Government teacher is giving extra credit and a 100 grade to the students whose video gets the most YouTube views.

CK wants to leverage his mom’s readership for his grade. I told him that was not reflective of his efforts, but he assured it me it just showed he was social media savvy.

Whether to click is up to you, but I think you all know how little homework the young man actually turns in, so do a poor mom a favor and help us get into college next year, k?



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  1. I’m all behind supporting students turning in work. Got one of my own who thinks it’s an arbitrary act. Creative for sure, made me smile, and I realized I may have actually found a couple singers that sing at the same level as me! Not saying that’s bad, just saying I’m glad I’m not alone!

  2. The male voice is tremendous- oh. . . . did I mention that male voice is my grandson. You rock Clark!

    1. Actually, Clark does have a great voice. He was pretty awesome in musicals a few years ago, but they don’t fit into his schedule and lifestyle anymore. I wish he’d give it another go. However, he is also QUITE sardonic.

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