It’s a very Petey Christmas.

Petey has his very own Christmas tree this year, y’all. Seriously. Just ask him.

Originally, we bought it for the whole family. Silly, I know, because what’s Petey’s is Petey’s, and what’s ours is Petey’s. A beautiful 10-foot tree that will barely fit in our house is a no-brainer: Petey’s.

Once we got it home, we decorated it for him with his chew toys, those things more commonly known as ornaments. He loved them. He especially loved the tiny nest of Christmas Cardinals, Eric’s favorite ornament and his favorite birds.

We filled it with water, so that when his wittle mouth gets dry from pulverizing and eviscerating ornaments he can take a cool, refreshing drink.

We even laid a luscious velvet tree skirt under it. Petey likes nothing better than a spontaneous nap when he’s all tuckered out from ornament munching. Its position is appropriate, since, duh, it’s his tree and he needs to stay close to guard it.

Life is good when you’re Petey.




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  1. May I just say how wonderful it is to see that the loving people Petey owns are taking SUCH good care of him? Especially to give him his very own Xmas tree – I mean, how special is that? I highly recommend not hanging doggy treats tho or he will be wearing the tree. GREAT post!!

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