Sorry for my lengthy silence, but I took a blogcation with my Christmas/New Year’s vacation. Which I shall blog about, soon. Until then, enjoy the following, on me:

  • Enter to win a free Kindle Fire HD! Yes, from me! You heard me right, so get on over and enter!!
  • Barnes & Noble’s Small Press Group has agreed to carry Saving Grace. They ordered 200 copies for various stores and their warehouse. So head on into a B&N, and, if they don’t have it, they can easily get it for you now from their B&N warehouse stock. This is big, big news.
  • Read exciting new factoids in this interview about Saving Grace and me, like the five things I’d never be without, and my favorite excerpt from the book.
  • A new review is up for Saving Grace, and you can read it here.
  • An author video about Saving Grace is up. Watch me be a goober!
  • I have a three-month live book tour kicking off in two weeks. Look for your location, here (scroll down for it).

More soon! Happy New Year!



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