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This is what editing Leaving Annalise looked like:

Eric was in India while I did final edits, so I worked around the clock. Editing it was a lot more fun than writing it. For some reason, this book was harder to write than any of the eight others I’ve written. I recently read a quote by a famous and financially successful novelist whose name I can’t recall (impressive, I know), the essence of which was that whether it is easy or it hurts, his end product quality doesn’t change. I hope this is true for me, too, for this book’s sake! But by the time this picture was taken, I’d reached the blissful “everything is going to be all right” stage.

Here’s where I left “blog tour” tracks for Saving Grace this week, on the ‘net. Please, if you visit, tell them I sent you:

  • First CHAPTER review ofย Saving Grace on Literarily Speaking — I’ve heard a few people think the book starts slow; does this reviewer agree?
  • Review of Saving Grace, on Community Books — Is it a pick or a pan by this author/reviewer???
  • Interview of Moi on Literarily Speaking — where I share the secret image hidden in the cover, bwa ha ha ha.
  • Review ofย Saving Grace at The Socialite’s Closet — She’s a reader, not a writer, and here’s what she thought of my debut novel.
  • “Dear Reader” Letter from Katie! on Literarily Speaking — this was so much fun to write. Katie is feeling a little defensive!
  • Finally, if you are interested in entering to win the Kindle Fire HD, go to Pump Up Your Books. Hey, you don’t want to miss me forking up the dough to pay for a giveaway this pricey, do you? Get in on the swag opportunity!

It means the world to me if you take the time to share or thank the site owners for featuring Saving Grace and me. Thanks y’all!

Now, I’m off to Midland to kick off the live-and-in-person three-month book tour, with an event at Hastings, followed by an appearance and speech at the Midland Autism Resource Center where I’ll deliver Survival Tips for Parents of ADHD & Aspergers Kids. I get to stay with my friend and cover artist Heidi Dorey, so I’m pretty excited, even though Eric is in India and can’t come. Bonus: dinner with my friend and the mother of one of my dear, long-time besties. For a full list of stops on the book tour, visit the home page:




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