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Laptop graveyard. Novels written on each (left to right): red — Missing Harmony, big silver — Saving Grace, little slate — Leaving Annalise.

Here’s where to catch me this week:

Houston Chronicle: “Houston author eases into new career “Grace”-fully

The Book Connection: First Chapter Review of Saving Grace

Conroe Today: Award-winning author book signing in Conroe

Between the Covers: Author Interview (how did I come up with the title to Saving Grace?)

Midland Reporter: Houston author kicks off book tour in Midland

Monique Morgan: Book Feature

Two fantastic new 5-star reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads, make me weepy (but honestly, they all do!): Review 1, Review 2

Bryan-College Station Eagle: Hastings hosting Aggieland authors

Video trailer for Saving Grace:

Holy crap. Is it just me or an I over-exposed? However, book sales are picking up, so maybe I’m just the right amount of exposed. Speaking of which, I’m heading back to Aggieland for a College Station Meet-the-Author appearance at Hastings, on January 26th (Saturday), from 2-4 p.m. Whoop! Can’t wait. A radio interview I did this week with Access Aggieland will air on Sunday, too.

This post’s photo galley of randomness includes gifts from Eric while he was in India, the laptop graveyard, the view from atop my bicycle, our Big Bend souvenirs joining the cluttered display of fame (walking sticks and cowboy hats), iron gecko art which Eric got me for our anniversary b/c it reminds him of the geckos on our window whom I dearly love, me at work on final edits to Leaving Annalise, and Eric in the gym at his hotel in India.

Next week I’ll share photos and stories from Eric’s trip to Delhi and Ahmedabad. The week following you’ll get tales from my visit to Midland to the home of cover artist Heidi Dorey and her family, while I was there for two stops on my book tour.

Have a most excellent weekend, all!



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  1. Man, you are really a celebrity now aren’t you? You guys have done an amazing job at marketing things and I’m so impressed. Great photos….especially the top one.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Eric’s pictures from his trip.


  2. That picture from the gym I think i look like a Power Ranger, or one of those cartoon kids that clicked their rings together “wonder twins……”

      1. I thought maybe you were holding out on me. Although I don’t know where you’d have room to stash any more novels . . . surely your closets & hard drives & under-bed storage boxes are full to bursting already. 😉

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