So some of you who have followed me through thick and thin these last few years know about my friendship with Heidi Dorey. She doubles as my cover artist, and in her other life she is also a writer, a sick puppy, a library goddess, and esthetician. You may have even read some of her awesomeness before, here on my blog.
What you may NOT know is that Heidi and I had never met in person. Sure, I’d met her MOM, but not Heidi herself. Until January 18th, that is, when I went to Midland, Texas to kick off my book tour with two events. Why Midland? Well, because Heidi lives there, of course! Not only did we pick Midland because of Heidi, we picked January 19th for our Hastings Entertainment date because songstress Heidi, her nightingale mother and the Midland Symphony and Chorale were performing Beethoven’s Ninth that night. Do I know how to plan or what?
So I flew to Midland, Eric-less cuz he was still in India, for $5 because I used Southwest awards (woot), had dinner with Patti Defrance, the mom of one of my longtime dearest friends, then descended on The Dorey House with a vengeance. They gave me the primo bed with the built-in zero gravity and vibrator (not THAT kind of vibrator — the kind that makes the whole bed vibrate), they fed me, they chauffeured me, they attended all my (boring) events, chatted up my friends, like Courtney Sharp, and basically treated me like royalty. Oh yeah, and Heidi, Mom, and the Midland Symphony and Chorale brought down the house with Beethoven’s Ninth/Ode to Joy. Which reminds me that if you haven’t seen Immortal Beloved, circa a billion years ago and starring Gary Oldman and Isabella Rossellini, you must. It’s transcendent.
I’d love to show you Heidi and her lovely Mom, her super-nice husband, and rockin’ dog, but Heidi shall remain mysterious, for now. I promise, though, she’s perfectly lovely and isn’t hiding a third eye in the middle of her forehead.
Here are some pictures of the Hastings event in Midland. It went quite well. πŸ™‚

Extra points if you catch the evil graphic artist at work doctoring my photos…thanks HD, I think ;-).
Ciao y’all,

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