My puffy-faced husband took our 15-yo daughter and me to College Station, Texas, home of the Fighting Texas Aggies. I am a 19** graduate of Texas A&M, and old Aggies die hard. Or blow hard. Or something.

*Note: my husband is not always puffy-faced. He had just had gum surgery, which probably sounds pretty minor unless you’ve had it, and then you know it is the next worst thing to a brain transplant. Poor Eric!*

Anyhoo, we went to do a Meet-the-Author event for Hastings Entertainment (it went quite well, thank you). Which gave me a fabulous excuse to see old friends, like James and Paula Lancaster, and Stephanie Farinola Anderson. My parents tagged along, and they saw even more old friends, like Russ Hanna, Linda and Russ Harvell, and Debbie Cooper Andrick. We made some new friends, including some who have a place near ours in Nowheresville, and we got to grab a can of Whoop Ass, the energy drink from Jones Soda that we crazy-<3, and that we’ve only seen in Hastings. In fact, we got it for half price, because, sadly, they are discontinuing it.

I only spent a tiny bit more on stuff for me than I did in book sales, so, all in all, it was a great trip “back home” for me and the fam.

We forgot to take pictures, except for a few, and none during the event (it gets kind of hectic). One that is special is awful of me: my mom, my daughter, and me, right before the event. God, I need my roots done. But oh-how-I-love the display Hastings did of Saving Grace, especially the “Hastings Recommends” endcap. You see it in the pictures with the various Hastings employees who were key to the successful event, two of whom bought a copy of my book :-).

I stuck in a picture of the article that ran in the Bryan-College Station Eagle, just for fun. My mother giggled over it because it said we have a ranch in Brenham. Apparently people that have big CATTLE ranches look down their noses at people that have little GOAT ranches, harrumph. She also wanted to point out that our place is not inย Brenham. Mom, we follow the KISS principle: Keep it simple, silly. So Brenham it is.

We ended the weekend with an interview on Access Aggieland 104.7. I’m trying to get a copy of the audio file, as I forgot to record it on my iPhone. More ginko biloba might help.

Catch you later,



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