Where I wuz when I wuzn’t here, this week:

Birthday/Valentine’s Day was amazing. The universe served me up a trifecta:

1. Clark Kent the ADHD WonderKid got into Texas A&M, his dream school. This is a MIRACLE, and he is over the moon. We are so happy and proud. And PANICKED. There are a few new CK blogs upcoming on the saga of the senior year. And it ain’t been pretty. But let us take this moment to exult. Clark Kent is going to be an Aggie. How sweet it is.

Thanks Mom.

Mommy and me.

2. Susanne went to Regionals in Swimming and even swam in the finals. She worked hard, tried hard, and swam well. Best of all, she was happy and NICE TO HER MOTHER.

Dr. Dad on the left. He and Mom are dog sledding & snowmobiling in Yellowstone this week, but made it to Susanne’s swim meet first.

Flowers, 3rd time. And my happy, cute husband.

3. Eric came home. Bonus: I got 3 cards, flowers 3 days in a row, family dinner out Friday night (and neither teenager complained or bickered), date night Saturday to a scrumptious dinner at Benjy’s and the Alley Theater for the Pulitzer-winning Clybourne Park(best play I’ve ever seen, I am in awe of the playwright), a day at Nowheresville, and … 3 workouts, including a bike ride on the trainers to this week’s episodes of Downton Abbey & Bones (which we saved to watch together), a trail run (which I did half in shoes and half barefoot, go me), and the official day one restart of P90x which hurts just as bad as it did a year ago.

The return of “Petey 90x” which he thinks is the biggest blast ever. Petey’s checking out Eric’s push up handles.

And it just kept getting better. I had a Mystery Readers Book Club Q&A at the Barnes & Noble Arboretum in Austin, which I was scared about but it went great.

I have a big event in Lubbock at the 50th street Hastings this weekend. But the best thing? This is Eric’s last week of travel away from me for a month. It’s for a good cause anyway — and I’m sadder than ever not to be with him. He’s at the Conference Swim Meet for Liz’s college team.

We had only one catastrophe this weekend. I dropped my laptop. The good news is the laptop is fine. The bad news is that it only survived due to the brave sacrifice made by my power adaptor. I am purchasing two new ones as a result. Meanwhile, I am back on Lil Red (Eric’s laptop, and mine from three years ago).

Uh oh.

Great news for my beta readers, I think. 🙂 Leaving Annalise will be in their hands this week. Woo hoo! And we have a voice-over artist for the Katie & Annalise series audio books. She’s wonderful and I’m very excited.

Finally, if you made it this far, let me reward you. I have a free Kindle copy of Saving Grace to give away. Do you know someone who would enjoy it? Let me now and I’ll email the claim code.

Catch you on the flip side, y’all.



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