Someone who lives in our house (and shall remain anonymous) recently lost a black leather jacket while traveling.

One of the men in this photograph is the QB of the Houston Texans, one is dining with Matt Schaub, and the other man lost four leather jackets in 8 years.

This person has a history with black leather jackets, a long history. In fact, this is the 4th black leather jacket this person has left on an airplane in an 8-year time frame.

Yes, 4 in 8 years.

This person grew up in the Caribbean, where one never wears jackets, so this person can’t be blamed for forgetting to retrieve his pricey-styley jackets from the overhead bin.

He can’t be blamed, but he can’t expect a 5th jacket, right? I mean, come on, would you buy another for him? In fact, let’s make that question official: based on voting in the comments, I shall decide whether to buy lucky #5.

Readers, what say ye?


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