Many writers are, by nature, creatures that hide from the spotlight. I’m not above hibernating for weeks on end in my sleepy sheep pajamas. Yet those of us who publish need to spread the word about ourselves and books. Sure, we can use social media, but at some point, if you really want to gain exposure, you have to interact with “real” humans. Even if you hire a publicist, he or she will not be able to get much traction for you unless you’re willing to do book events and public speaking. Forget media — you need to sell books, speak, and do events to get their attention, plus — oops — they’re humans, too.
So let’s talk about human interaction, speaking in particular (I cover book events in other posts). Most successful authors agree that speaking is a heck of a great way to promote and sell books. I sell books at every speaking engagement I book. That’s pretty good incentive to do it, yet the mere thought terrifies most people, let alone an introverted writer. I can’t help you with your fears (try “Talk Up Your Book” for that), except maybe your fear of what to speak on, to whom, and how to do it.
1) Do you write nonfiction? Pitch a topic related to your book to groups who share an interest. Maybe you write about remodeling old houses –  contact historical societies. Google is your friend. I write on, amongst other things, ADHD and Autism-spectrum parenting, so I do a topic called “Everyone blames the mother” for special needs parenting groups.
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