I’m from a red state, and a red city within a red state at that. I grew up with shot guns, bovines, and God fearin’ church goin’ a part of my every day life.


We decorate our airports with our ranch brands.


Boot jacks are essential in our airport security lines.


We got ammo.

pink shotgun

It goes in guns. Here’s mine. I’m not about to live alone in the country without it, and to hell with anyone that asks me to. Oh, and if you’re a snake, watch out.

old friends

We’ve got THE most awesome people.


And did I mention cows?

I am a graduate of Texas A&M University. The A stands for Agricultural and the M for Mechanical. Both things are pretty great.

My daughter wants to go into Agriculture.

sami outside reliant

Looks to me like she even has all her teeth.

People make fun of my hometown, my state, and my alma mater, and they suggest we are stupid. My employees, clients, and readers would beg to differ. So would those of the peeps I grew up with.

I think the haters are just jealous.

It’s not that I hate blue state people or “liberals.” I’m neither Republican nor Democrat. I am neither liberal nor conservative.  I vote candidates not parties, platforms not single issues. I’m just sick of the suggestion that one group or another has a monopoly on ethics or brain cells. Puh-leeze.

Love me or hate me, I don’t care. Just understand I don’t think any of you that grew up differently from me are superior. I know you aren’t smarter or a better person. You’re just different from me. And that’s OK.

old dgs

I’m just fine the way I am too. No need for new tricks (note clever insertion of purely gratuitous picture of my Amarillo friend’s miraculous 17-year old “old dog, “a mini-pinscher named Rolo).

I’m from Amarillo, y’all.

And I like it.



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