Poor neglected blog. Poor neglected friends. Lo ciento. My day job flared with a vengeance this month. Good news: I’m done with it until September! I simply can’t believe I just typed that.

Awesome things afoot. Marie has 2/3 of the tour locations locked down, which is a major feat since most stores want to book about four weeks before an event, and we’re asking for dates through August 15th. All told, so far she has confirmed 25 Barnes & Nobles, 14 Hastings Entertainments, and 1 Barbara’s Book Store (a Hudson Books-owned sister store of Vroman’s in SoCal), with a generous handful of additional B&Ns and Books-a-Millions pending confirmation.

The Bookmobile is looking sweet and ready to eat up some miles.

32200 driver side

32200 back side

Saving Grace is on shelves now in LA Barnes & Noble locations, like this one in Irvine Spectrum (thanks Rebecca W!):

la bn sg best

Random people (like Rhonda E!) report receiving email recommendations from Amazon, like this one:

amazon recommends

Reviews of Saving Grace on Amazon are up to 97 with an average of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. I’m told 100 is the magic number and even more great things happen than just these recommendations emails.

Won’t you help a girl out and leave your review, if you haven’t already? (see below for links)

Oh! And Saving Grace got its 1st 1-star review out of 195 ratings. Well, two other people that were mad at Amazon left 1-stars, but they were unrelated to my book. And, of course, while Amazon has removed 10 reviews from people who ACTUALLY rated and reviewed Saving Grace, it won’t remove the unrelated 1-stars. * But I digress. * The person called the book “lousy” and filled with “derelicts.” I love those words. I would use those words. Maybe they want to write for me? Anyway, that monkey’s off my back now, and I didn’t even vomit.

To leave a review for Saving Grace, click on

  • Amazon  (scroll to bottom of page and click “write a review”) and
  • Goodreads (where you simply can click in the star of the level of rating you want to leave).

My Dropbox is filled with chapters of audio books for review this weekend. Oh my gosh, the talent! These voice-over artists are so good! In an ironic twist of fate, I did voice-over myself this week for anti-harassment training classes for a client. Someday I’ll narrate one of my books myself, when I have all the snazzy recording equipment.

And for our final bit of news for the week, it turns out Daisy Duck is a boy named Duke! Here’s a picture of him in his new habitat, with Susanne in the background. We think she’s looking at pictures of ducks on Instagram.


Have a great week, y’all!


p.s. Darnell says hi.


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