By Pamela Fagan Hutchins


What do y’all think of my new portrait? It was a selfie I took for Eric at a Seattle airport Starbucks, until digital goddess Heidi Dorey got hold of it!!!

Holy cow, only 4 days until I leave for my 68 day book tour. Our goal is 60 cities, and right now we have booked 44 store events in 44 cities, with 7 more yeses pending written confirmation. Yee ha! This is amazing, given that the stores don’t like to book more than 5 weeks in advance.

Our daughter Marie is doing a fantastic job. She’s booked 1 TV interview, 1 print interview, and 3 radio interviews in the first week alone. Some TV and radio is already booked as far ahead as July, thanks to proactive store community relation managers who arranged it on our behalf (knock me over with a feather). We are reaching out to contacts in a myriad of ways, one event at a time, putting up announcements on community calendars (thanks to my dear friend Stephanie for pinch hitting on this, fabulously), and contacting a multitude of groups, like book clubs, writers , Texas Aggie Former Students, Texas Longhorn alums, attorneys, triathletes, runners, special need parents, libraries, and stepparents. We’ve recruited people to put up posters around town for our events in each city. I’ve created Facebook and Goodreads events. I can’t think of anything else to do to make this a success. Whew!

We are putting the Bookmobile through its last few repairs/checks. I’m packing and staging. Petey got his booster shots. We put together a work list for my kids/employees. I bought a few new inexpensive outfits on We’re booking our RV campsites, and Google Mapping our routes. Ugh — we’ve got some all-nighter drives, so luckily we have the ability to trade off driving and sleep.

One hitch: I’m driver/assistant/companionless from July 9th in Atlanta through July 12th in Raleigh. Anyone want to join me?????? I can’t begin to convey how hard this will be to pull offย  by myself, even for just four events/cities. UPDATE: Position booked ๐Ÿ™‚

I think this is really going to happen!!!

You know what the coolest thing is? I’ve had so many of you reach out and offer to let us park the Bookmobile at your homes. Some can’t b/c of their homeowner or zoning restrictions, which I totally get. But I am getting to hang out at Nan’s ( I’m parking at my bro and sis-in-law’s new home outside Chattanooga. We’ll park at old friends Danny Johnson in San Fran and Melissa Balaban in LA. How awesome is that?

Now, for the really good news. I’ve sent emails out to all my subscribers and contacts offering free books for those that bring in a printed copy of the email, even one forwarded to them by a friend. So forward those emails to friends and family. There is no purchase required. Our goal is to MOVE BOOKS, not sell books, and to attract happy crowds at each event. Don’t forget to check out the event dates and places here:

I’m so nervous and excited!

Love to all,


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