By Pamela Fagan Hutchins
An adapted and unedited chapter from my upcoming SkipJack Publishing book (release date August 15, 2013) What kind of loser indie publishes, and how can I be one too?
Ebooks, my friends, are a no-brainer. At the time I wrote Loser, ebooks sales had gobbled up more than 25% of the market for books, books of any and all kinds. Ebooks bear little-to-no per unit cost or other fees to the author too. They are increasingly easy and inexpensive to produce. The main strategic question for ebooks isn’t whether you will do them, but whether you will use an aggregator, where you will sell them, and the file format(s) you will use.

In 2012, Amazon held ~60% of the ebook market share with the sale of Kindle ebooks. Heck, Amazon controls 27% of the book market overall. Not just ecommerce, but the total book market. Talk about the one sales avenue you absolutely cannot ignore!
Why this massive market share for Amazon ebooks?
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