It happened in Tulsa, y’all. In Tulsa, the sun came out, and pretty much stayed out give or take a few sprinkles, for a week. This on the heels of them experiencing truly awful rain, lightning and winds, none of which I brought upon them. I brought them SUN. And it was goooooood.

We even got to shop in a natural, whole foods type of store. I went nuts. I had started a 21-day cleanse/detox with Eric, Marie, and Susanne, and this store was heaven-sent. Clark wandered around, forlorn, and asked if we could go to a real grocery store next.

Tulsa also brought out the peeps. Bob and Phil from St. Croix, and Jeanne and her young adult kids from Amarillo. Cathy from Goodreads. And a bunch of new ones who bought the crap out of my books. Thanks, everyone, what superb taste you have 😉 When I arrived my books were in boxes, which wasn’t great. But when I left, Clark and I had won over the store staff and left them with only a few signed copies of assorted books.

Two awesome events in a row.

It got better.

“You have an appointment first thing in OK City tomorrow for replacement of the generator,” Eric said.

“Good thing. It’s getting damn hot.” Petey panted in the background as if to prove my point.

We bounced our way to OK City where we checked into a truly spectacular RV park only 11 minutes away from our next B&N. For the second night in a row, I worked for several hours at the picnic table outside the Bookmobile, with Petey at my feet. By now, Clark had downloaded audiobooks from iTunes and was lost to me, 95% of the time, so he remained in his bunk, a century in the future in an alternative world. I cranked onward through Loser as Meghan and I debated issues and my beta readers started weighing in.

The next day we rose early to go claim our new generator. I crossed my fingers as Clark drove, both about his city driving and about the generator. Well, and also about getting work done with RV repairs going on. And I really, really, really needed to get work done. “Please, please, please let’s finish this,” I prayed silently.

My phone rang. Eric. “Hi, love!” I said.

“It’s not going to happen,” he said. “I’m so sorry.”

“What? They can’t find one?”

“No, the Service representative didn’t care to be helpful today.”

Well, I did need to start formatting Loser, and I had dreaded trying to accomplish that sitting in an RV dealership customer lobby. “OK,” I said. “I’ll make lemonade, no biggie.” It was a biggie, but so many things were biggies, really. The generator just wasn’t the biggest biggie, today.

So Clark dropped me back at the RV Park while he went to pick up his girlfriend, Allie, who would join us for the last five days of his stint. I worked fiendishly, and my stress level slowly fell. I did get lots of work done. Beautiful heaps of work. I managed to reach my work goals, in fact, and that set me up for a good night.

Which it was. Oklahoma City’s event was utterly fabulous. My FB friend Staci showed up bearing RV food and became my IRL friend on the spot. She inspired a friend to come as well. My high school friend Marni arrived with her husband, her Clark-like son, and her sister — who graduated with my brother. We met many people who carried my books out with them into the community. All was well.

See for yourself in these pictures.

012 - Copy

My lovely Amarillo friends in OK City.

011 - Copy

FB friend Staci!


Working on Loser in OK City, on the back patio of the office of the RV Park.



Cruzan friend Bob, aka “Chief”

Before the sun set, Eric checked in. “Shreveport. For sure, Shreveport. You’re going to a generator store, and they said they can have you in and out in two hours. They’re ordering the generator now and they’ll have it by tomorrow, when you’re in Little Rock.”

I knew better than to get my hopes up. “That sounds good.”

“Yeah, I really liked them. This is the place. I know it is.”

Eric always liked everybody, but I didn’t say it. “I love you. And I miss you.” I did, very much. Saturday was a long way off from Monday.

“Me too.”

On that hopeful note, we bid adieu, and journeyed on. Next stop: Arkansas.

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