Hey y’all!

1. Day 2 flaked on us for the blog tour, but we hope she will catch up soon. 🙁

2. Day 3 of the blog tour is great–read about my writing partner, what makes a page-turner, where to find me, and what thrills me most. Also, what one word do you think best describes me? Leave it in the comments, here. See which one I picked, there. Click HERE to read the interview.

3. Hey, guess what? My Midland trip is getting better by the second. Not only am I doing the ADAAA speech for PBSPHR, not only am I going to be delivering “Saving Grace in 60 Days: Tips and Tales from the Road” at the Centennial Library, not only am I doing a booksigning at Barnes and Noble, but I’ve been invited to speak to the AVID middle schoolers in Odessa at Nimitz Junior High. They’ll get a virtual book tour in my “Redneck” Writer Road Trip, where we explore the importance of education, college, and career. I’m thrilled!

4. Funny, and true: my husband is now driving the nicest vehicle he ever owned, and all he had to do is trade our 16-yo daughter for it. We got her 4WD Sierra truck with its towing package from my dad in a group deal where we paid one price a few years ago and got three hand-me-down vehicles from my parents. They have each been perfect for our youngest three offspring. But the baby of the family didn’t see perfect the way we did. So when Eric realized he needed a good farm truck for our place in Nowheresville (since we are starting building in early 2014!!), he offered to trade her trucks. She could get a new one for the blue book value of the Sierra. Well, she loved that idea. We found a completely rebuilt 2008 Ford F150 with 90,000 miles and a factory lift kit that had been totaled b/c its airbags deployed. The lucky kid ended up with a fancier truck, due to the salvage, than she started with.


The normally taciturn teen is suddenly smiling!


Eric and his “new” ranch ride!!!!064

She got lucky 🙂

That’s all I’ve got today, folks.


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