The weekend is upon us, so time to put a big red bow on this week! Today’s blog tour stop is a good one: a snarky interview on Straight from the Author’s Mouth. Try it, I think you’ll like it!

There’s also a “better late than never” book review up at Authors and Readers Book Corner. What did the reviewer think of our little Leaving Annalise? You’ll only know if you check it out.

I added a cool page to my website with samples to listen to of all my audiobooks, even the upcoming Leaving Annalise. Do check it out, y’all!


So I got a call from the mayor of Dallas this week. I thought I was hot stuff for about five minutes, then realized it was a day-job thing. Speaking of the day job, I’ve been hard at it preparing for my THREE-SPEECH day next Tuesday in Midland. I’ve also spent two full days working on finances. Note to self: keep better records next book tour. I keep thinking I will catch up from the tour, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m craving stillness! And a baby goat or two–our nanny Lucy should give birth any day now, so we’ll go check on her this weekend in Nowheresville. After the weekend and the Midland trip, I get to pick up Katie and Annalise #3 and spend a few days getting her ready for a final visit with Meghan, for a spit-shine.

Have a great weekend, everyone —



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