This week I jetted off to Midland, where I had been invited to present a sure-to-scintillate speech on Reasonable Accommodation of Disabilities after the 2008 amendments to the ADAAA. Because I never miss an opportunity to capitalize for books on my travel investment, I asked the local B&N if they’d like me to do a signing.
Not only did they say yes, but the library asked me to do a speech on my book tour. Then, when word got around about me getting around, Nitmitz Junior High in Odessa invited me to talk to 150 of their AVID kids (first generation college hopefuls) on dreams, goals, and achievement.
Of course I said yes to everything.
Then, the day before I went, I got sick. All the echinacea, zinc, and vitamin C in the world couldn’t cure my cold, so with the help of Thera-flu and 5-Hour Energy, I made it through. I’m not going to lie: it was hard. I’m wired like the Energizer Bunny, though, so probably most people didn’t know I felt like hammered dog poo. Lucky for me graphic artist/goddess/friend Heidi Dorey took great care of me and put me up in her house, so I had a place to crash.
The best part of the day? The kids. The biggest surprise? A toss-up between the TV and radio interviews I hadn’t expected, and the appearance of cousins of my father who I hadn’t expected either.Here’s the radio interview: Interview with Michael Todd. The worst part? Eyes-wide-open bed spins when the 5-Hour Energy wore off. Enjoy some pictures!
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While I was burning my candle at both ends in Midland, the bloggers were hard at it reviewing Leaving Annalise on its blog tour, as were a few readers who posted on Amazon for my books. Here are the links, and I highly recommend you check them out:
Amazon for Leaving Annalise
Amazon for Loser
Carol’s Notebook for Leaving Annalise
Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem: Interview with Nick!
Miki’s Hope for Leaving Annalise
Honest reviews are always appreciated!
Meanwhile, five naps in five days–not very Pamela-like, but proof to my husband that I’m on death’s door 😉
Now, I’m off to the CPA to confess my book tour sins.

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